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4X4 Services in Tomball, TX

At Kennedy Auto Solutions, we understand the distinct needs of standard four-wheel drive vehicles (4×4) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. AWD refers to a full-time four-wheel drive system that allows all four wheels to receive torque simultaneously from the engine and uses a center differential to make wheels rotate at various speeds. Our services for these vehicles include:


Transmission repair can be labor-intensive and costly, but our experts can replace filters and drain fluids on a regular basis to prevent damage and excessive wear. If you suspect your transmission needs repairs (you’ve experienced shifting issues, stalling, slipping, fluid leaks, or service light warnings), Kennedy Auto Solutions can diagnose and repair the issues with minimal disruption to your everyday routine.

Transfer Cases

As part of a four-wheel drive system, this part requires maintenance and service like any other. If a professional evaluation points to a malfunctioning transfer case, our team can take care of everything and get you back on the road in no time.


This transmission component transfers engine power to the wheels, allowing them to rotate at various speeds. To ensure your auto’s differentials can do their job and keep the wheels spinning smoothly, you should have them regularly checked by experts at Kennedy Auto Solutions.


Connecting the engine and transmission to wheel axles, the driveline is a crucial part of a complex system. If it fails, the car won’t move. To keep the driveline in premium shape, regular inspection and service are a must.


Standard in every car maintenance schedule, wheel alignment involves adjusting wheel angles so they sit at the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. Requiring precision and training, not every mechanic has the skills to get this task right. If you want perfect alignment (on the first try), trust Kennedy Auto Solutions.

Wheel Bearings

Nestled inside the wheels and connected to the brake system, the bearings let the wheels spin freely. Over time, they can wear and generate a vibration and noise that make a car difficult and unsafe to drive. Although replacement intervals for bearings vary by model, they should be checked regularly for leaks and excessive wear.

Studs, Seals, Hubs, and Nuts

Properly working, hubs (electric motors in the wheels), seals (essential for lubrication and contaminate prevention), studs (fasteners that hold to the wheels) and nuts (secure the wheels on the hub) keep wheels functioning safely. Have these parts checked and replaced when necessary to prevent damage and dangerous driving conditions.

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