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Auto A/C & Heating Services in Tomball, TX

Can’t stand the summer heat? Neither can we, which is why Kennedy Auto Solutions offers complete auto air conditioning services to our customers. We also keep you warm in the winter with comprehensive heating system maintenance designed to ensure your vehicle’s ventilation works properly to keep you out of danger.

Auto HVAC System Maintenance

Your automobile’s air conditioning and heating systems require maintenance just as the other systems in your car, truck, or SUV do. Even if you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, you need to bring it in for recommended maintenance. Failure to do so could result in clogged or leaking hoses, dangerous air pushback into the cabin, loss of cooling or heating, or system failure.

Signs of Auto HVAC Trouble

Signs your system might be on the road to disaster include

  • AC blows warm air or the heater blows cool air
  • Damp or musty air smell
  • Slow or nonworking defroster
  • AC or heater only works when the vehicle is in motion
  • Airflow that trickles even when the fan is on high

If you experience any of these or other symptoms, give us a call. We will examine your system to isolate the problem and then discuss it and our proposed solutions with you.

Included in the Assessment

When we say we will examine your system, we mean it. We will hook your vehicle up to our diagnostic equipment first to see what the onboard computer says. We won’t stop there, however. We will also

  • Inspect the unit’s blower and all internal controls
  • Examine the compressor belts
  • Check the system seals to ensure there are no damages or leaks
  • Measure the interior air vent temperature

Maintaining your car, truck, or SUV’s air conditioner and heater is as important as oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups. So are radiator flushes, for the record.

Speaking of Radiator Flushes

While we’re at it, we’ll also check your radiator coolant’s levels, operating temperature, and the cap, hoses, and thermostat. We’ll pressure test your engine’s cooling system to make certain it doesn’t overheat in the summer. If necessary, we’ll flush and replace your radiator fluid, inspect and replace your fan belt, check and replace any worn or cracked hoses, and give the radiator itself a once-over. If it’s rusted or cracked, we can replace it for you.

Beyond AC and Radiator Services

The above services go beyond ensuring your air conditioner, heater, and cooling system are in tiptop shape. They also help us get your vehicle ready for the summer and winter. In the spring, we will check your battery; examine and replace belts, fluids, and hoses; inspect your wiper blades and tires; make certain all lights are in working order. Add an exhaust and heating system check to that list and you have our winter prep service.

We’ll Cool You Off or Heat You Up

Kennedy Auto Solutions in Tomball, TX, is your one-stop shop for your AC and heating needs. We help customers from Spring, The Woodlands, and Tomball, and we’d be thrilled to add you to our faithful client base. Call us to set an appointment for an AC and heating inspection and/or cooling system check. We’ll service the units or overhaul them if necessary.

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