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Auto Electrical Repair in Tomball, TX

Automobiles are amazing machines these days, aren’t they? They’ve always had electrical components, but today, they also have onboard computers that tell you and us everything we need to know. Kennedy Auto Solutions are experts when it comes to all things electrical in your vehicle, and we definitely have you covered on the most crucial system parts: the alternator, battery, and starter. If you turn the key and nothing happens, call us right away!


Your vehicle generates mechanical energy but that energy must be converted to electrical energy. Your alternator is the device that does this, which is why your car, truck, or SUV won’t start or might misfire if there is something wrong with the alternator. Swapping out an old alternator for a new one doesn’t take that much time, so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in if you suspect it has a faulty alternator. We’ll check its power generation and replace it if necessary.


You know you have a dead battery if your car won’t start. You might have a failing battery if your car won’t start but you still have lights. Either way, your battery has a lifespan and we can replace it when it finally dies. Your vehicle cannot operate without a battery. The battery supplies the automobile with the electricity it needs to power the ignition, lights, and starter motor. If you can jumpstart your dead battery do so and drive to our shop right away.


Your vehicle is equipped with either an electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic starter. The starter starts your automobile engine’s internal combustion which, in turn, starts your engine. There’s a lot of starts in that previous sentence but that’s why this part is called the started. It rotates to combust energy to get and keep your engine revving. Signs your starter might be on the road to replacement include a failure to start the engine or engine stalls, whether in motion or at a stop.

We Know Electrical

Kennedy Auto Solutions is located in Tomball, TX, but we also help customers from the Spring and The Woodlands areas. We employ certified auto technicians who know all things electrical in your vehicle, whether foreign or domestic… or electric, for that matter! Call us today to discuss your electrical concerns or to set up an appointment. Our shop is located on FM 2920, and we’d be happy to run diagnostics on your vehicle’s electrical system and discuss our findings with you in detail.

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