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Auto Electronics Repair in Tomball, TX

As technology continues to improve, a car’s electronic systems become more complex and vital for safety. If your vehicle’s computer or driving controls malfunction, driving can become difficult and unsafe. To keep all electronics up-to-date and fully-functional, come to Kennedy Auto Solutions in Tomball, TX.

Our electronic services include:


With access to the most current tools available, our technicians can diagnose and service all electrical components in your car. The diagnostics process usually takes less than half an hour, so there’s no need to put off regular checks.


Today’s carmakers include at least one computer in their vehicles, and its main job is to check and adjust engine operations. It receives information from various sensors in order to control speed, spark plugs, and fuel efficiency. If it malfunctions or fails, many of the car’s safety and performance features will suffer. To make sure this vital electronic element continues to work properly, regular evaluation is a must. For any questions or concerns about the computer or to have it checked or serviced, don’t hesitate to call Kennedy Auto Solutions over the phone.

Check Engine Light

A lit-up check engine light can mean your car needs a simple adjustment or a major repair. Our team can access service codes and diagnose the issue with little wait time, making it easier than ever to get back your peace of mind and return to your daily schedule.


Drivability refers to the amount of steadiness and smoothness of a car’s acceleration, and today’s vehicles use on-board computers to regularly monitor readings from sensors and adjust systems as necessary. If your car’s drivability begins to suffer, a warning message will display on the dashboard. If this happens, the best way to avoid damage is to head into Kennedy Auto Solutions and have our trained professionals diagnose and address any minor or major issues.

Computer Reflashing

If a manufacturer issues an update for a vehicle’s electronic system, it becomes necessary to have experts reflash (update) software. This process is relatively straightforward, as it likely involves tweaking an algorithm or resetting other minor parameters not vital to safety but that might improve drivability, emissions, or fuel efficiency. Since manufacturers roll out updates regularly, a comprehensive reprogram for your car’s computer might also be warranted.

Engine Controls

Engine controls involve the vehicle’s on-board computer that manages emissions and fuel economy. To make sure your car drives at optimal efficiency, having this system checked and serviced regularly is key. To learn more about engine controls or to have us evaluate your system, contact Kennedy Auto Solutions today.

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