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Imagine securing your toddler in his car seat and instructing your older child to buckle up so you can take her to school. Imagine driving down the road and tapping the brake pedal to slow the vehicle before the stop sign. Imagine your vehicle does not slow down. We’ll stop there because we understand this is a terrifying scenario. Kennedy Auto Solutions employs brake experts.

Brake Fluid Flush and Replace

Part of ensuring your vehicle stops each time you tap the pedal is maintaining the brake system. Check your owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommendation for brake inspection intervals. Bring your automobile into us at that time and let us inspect your system and flush and replace the brake fluid. Fluid absorbs air and water as it ages, which can reduce brake response.


While we’re at it, we’ll inspect your calipers, too, to ensure they’re in working order. Brake calipers surround your brake pads to protect them. If you get down on your knees and look at your brakes, you’ll see something that looks like clamps. Those are the calipers, and they push the pads against the rotors to stop your vehicle. We’ll replace yours when they’re worn.


Your brake system also has hoses to carry the fluid from the master cylinder in the engine to the brakes. Should your hoses become damaged, such as crushed or begin to leak, the proper amount of fluid will not make it to your brakes when you press the pedal. This is why you see bad guys cut brakes lines on TV and in the movies. We’ll replace at the first sign of trouble.

Pads and Shoes

You’ll know if you have a problem with your brake pads or shoes. Your brakes should never squeal or grind when you press on the pedal and if they do, it’s likely your pads or shoes are wearing down. They only have a certain lifespan, and we’ll measure them and tell you how much life they have left each time you bring your vehicle in for a scheduled inspection.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, we have the certified experts to ensure the system operates effectively. As you might already know, your automobile’s ABS keeps your tires rotating while braking suddenly to prevent your vehicle from skidding. The system improves the overall control you have when you drive, and we’ll keep it road-ready.

Let Us Stop You

Kennedy Auto Solutions is your one-stop auto service shop in Spring, The Woodlands, or Tomball, TX. Give us a call to set up your brake inspection.

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