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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Repair in Tomball, TX

Hybrid and electric vehicles do a lot to improve the environment. They also require specific knowledge and skills for effective evaluation and repair. Because each year these vehicles become more popular, a steady stream of qualified professionals is needed to maintain, service and repair them. That’s why Kennedy Auto Solutions has a team of the highest-caliber mechanics to tackle any issue hybrid and electric vehicles might face.

At Kennedy Auto Solutions, our technicians have experience working on eco-friendly vehicles, and this experience and professionalism allow us to keep our rates competitive. We understand the unique features of these vehicles, like electric drivetrain components and regenerative brake systems. When you call us for help, you’ll feel confident in our modern equipment and friendly service, knowing we care about our customers and want them to get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

Electric Motors

Since hybrids have an electric motor that saves gas in stop-and-go traffic, the engine can become strained if you drive in high-traffic conditions on a regular basis. The mechanics at Kennedy Auto Solutions understand how this system maintains high fuel efficiency and have years of experience preventing, testing, and repairing hybrid and electric cars all over the Tomball, TX area.

Battery and Charging Systems

The life force of these vehicles is the battery and charging system, without which the electric motor would be unable to function. These batteries come at a high cost, and with that should be handled with delicacy and respect, which means those who work on them should be specially trained. Kennedy Auto Solutions employs only certified technicians who have been highly-trained and understand all the power systems available by the major manufacturers. Like your car’s electric motor, our experts can diagnose and fix any issues, big or small, with your car’s battery and charging system. If replacement parts are necessary, we can source and install quality components.

Regenerative Braking Systems

Another handy feature of hybrid and electric vehicles is regenerative braking. With this type, the electric motor helps the mechanical brake pads and slows the car while generating enough electricity to maintain a charged battery. Regenerative braking systems are dependable and long-lasting, often surviving much longer than standard brakes. When replacement becomes necessary, however, Kennedy Auto Solutions can perform any necessary work.

Don’t trust the care of these special vehicles to just anyone. If you want high-quality service for your hybrid or electric vehicle in the Tomball, TX area, remember to call Kennedy Auto Solutions today.

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