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Engine Maintenance in Tomball, TX

Nothing is worse than stalling on the roadway, but Kennedy Auto Solutions will work tirelessly to ensure that never happens. We can’t guarantee your vehicle won’t break down at some point, but we can guarantee we’ll provide the best maintenance for your automobile’s engine – domestic, import, electric, or hybrid. Here’s what we’ll do to keep your vehicle road-ready.

First Things First

Before we talk about how we’ll maintain your automobile engine let’s answer a common question: Yes, if your engine light comes on, you should bring in your vehicle right away. Your car, SUV, or truck is hooked into an onboard computer that monitors all systems constantly. If a warning light comes on, there’s something wrong, so don’t ignore it.

Belts, Filters, Fluids, and Hoses

If you pop the hood, you’ll see an array of belts, hoses, and filter and fluid housings in your vehicle’s engine. Your owner’s manual recommends how often you should have these things changed. We specialize in all vehicles, so we’re here to check the belts, filters, fluids, and hoses at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals and replace them when necessary.

Coolant Flush

One particular fluid that needs TLC on a regular basis is your radiator coolant. Let’s be honest, Texas is hot and dusty, and your vehicle relies on its cooling system to prevent the engine from overheating. We’ll flush and replace your engine coolant on a set schedule that’s best for your vehicle to keep it clean and your engine running at optimal temperature.

Fuel Injectors and Spark Plugs

Part of our tune-up service includes cleaning your fuel injectors and replacing your spark plugs. Your injectors inject fuel into the combustion chamber to fire your plugs, and if they become clogged, your plugs will misfire. When necessary, we’ll replace the injectors. If the spark plugs are the issue behind the misfires, we’ll replace them, too.


If you learned how to start a fire with a spark in Scouts, then you understand your vehicle’s ignition system. The ignition generates a spark that ignites fuel and air to start your engine. This might sound a little scary, but it’s all controlled. We’ll replace your ignition cables – or spark plug wires – and coil to ensure your car, SUV, or truck starts efficiently.

Oil Change

Finally, no vehicle owner should extend a lube, oil, and filter past its interval date. Your engine oil prevents damage to its working parts, and if it becomes dirty or thin, it can break down. The result is part damage, so avoid it. We’ll discuss the best oil change schedule for your vehicle with you and then we’ll help you stick to it.

Topnotch Engine Maintenance

Which mechanic provides the best engine maintenance in Tomball, TX? Kennedy Auto Solutions does. We also service vehicles from Spring and The Woodlands at our shop on FM 2920 so give us a call today.

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