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Tomball Auto Repair

Preventive & Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance in Tomball, TX

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your vehicle stays reliable and dependable on the road. A well maintained vehicle will also help you avoid major repairs that can be costly. At Kennedy Auto Solutions, we provide a complete preventative maintenance program and carry all the necessary parts and expertise to take care of the little jobs that let you avoid the big ones. 

At our Tomball auto repair shop, we have top-of-the-line fluids, oils, filters, and belts that your vehicle needs to keep running happily and healthily. Our shop also has some of the best equipment in the industry to ensure that your vehicle is always repaired correctly the first time around. 

An important part of preventative maintenance is making sure that your vehicle’s fluids are always in good shape. Your car needs these fluids to keep running smoothly and prevent overheating. Most of our fluid change services are completed quickly so you can get back on the road in Tomball, TX. Our experienced and certified technicians are happy to monitor and refill your engine oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, power steering, and wiper fluids. We also perform checks on your radiator to ensure there are no small leaks caused by stones and other road debris.

Another vehicle component that needs to be changed regularly are the filters. Whether filtering oil, fuel, or air, your car’s engine and drivetrain rely on pure ingredients free from debris. When microscopic particles build up in different systems over time, they reduce overall efficiency and start to cause problems. Regularly changing your car’s filters will prevent this from occurring. Kennedy Auto Solutions will make sure all your car’s filters are new and working properly. 

Tire balancing is an important area of preventative maintenance where we excel. If your car’s tires are out of balance, they could be putting undue strain on components in the suspension, braking, and drivetrain systems, which can cost you greatly further down the road. Ensuring a smooth ride with professionally balanced wheels and tires is a much cheaper, easier, and safer way to make sure your car stays on the road while ensuring a long life for your tires.

Your car’s timing belts are another important component to inspect regularly. There are a number of events that need to take place for one full revolution of your car’s engine. These belts ensure that they all line up with each other, and occur at exactly the right moment. Should the belts become damaged or break, the events can fall out of sync and happen at the wrong time, which can be seriously detrimental to the health of your engine and your car overall. Kennedy Auto Solutions ensures that all your car’s belts are healthy and that all of those events keep happening at exactly the right time.

If you want Kennedy Auto Solutions to make sure that your vehicle is well-equipped to continue transporting you safely for years to come, give our Tomball maintenance shop a call today!

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