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Transmission Repair Services in Tomball, TX

Transmission repair doesn’t have to be the dreaded event of every driver’s nightmare. At Kennedy Auto Solutions, we have the system down to a science. Whether you drive a low-range, heavy-duty, manual or automatic, our expert mechanics understand how to get you up and running again.

Our Services

  • Transmission Maintenance and Repair – As an essential component of a well-running vehicle, the transmission must be working properly for you to drive safely. Kennedy Auto Solutions replaces filters and drains fluids to keep the transmission in top shape. However, if you notice shifting difficulties, leaking fluid, or an illuminated service light, your transmission might need repairs. To have your transmission checked, call Kennedy Auto Solutions today.
  • Transmission Replacement – If time and wear has taken their toll on your vehicle, it may be time for replacement. You can opt for a new, remanufactured, rebuilt, repaired, or used transmission, and regardless of your choice, our technicians can get it done efficiently and at competitive rates.
  • Automatic Transmission – With a capacity to shift gears without manual force, most automatic transmissions have 4-5 forward gear implements that engage naturally when the car is in Drive. Because this complex system uses several components, repair can be complicated, demanding serious training and skill.
  • Manual Transmission – A manual transmission requires a clutch and gear shift for the driver to shift gears. Ranging from 2-8 gears, this type generally comes in a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicle and often demands less maintenance than its automatic counterpart. Since Kennedy Auto Solutions uses only the most experienced technicians, we can diagnose and repair your manual transmission with little fuss.
  • Clutches – Though they employ different types, both automatic and manual transmissions use a clutch. Since this part plays a major role in engaging the flywheel and transferring torque through the transmission, it often takes a beating. If time and wear are making your clutch slip regularly, contact Kennedy Auto Solutions and have our trusted professionals take a look.
  • Four-Wheel Drive Transmission – This type of transmission, often called a 4×4, contains differential gears, a transfer case, and both front and rear axles. At some point, all these elements require maintenance, with close attention paid to transmission fluids. If you drive one of these vehicles, don’t hesitate to call us at or stop by our shop to schedule an appointment.
  • Front-Wheel Drive Transmission – With a front-wheel drive transmission, the engine moves the front wheels only, with power sent through the transmission before going on to the front wheels via the drive axles. In this transmission, all hardware sits in the front of the car, requiring specific maintenance and service.
  • Transfer Cases – Found in a four-wheel drive system, the transfer case receives power from the transmission where it routes it to both front and rear axles. Though some vehicles do this using gears, many modern models are chain-driven. As part of our comprehensive understanding of transmission repair, Kennedy Auto Solutions can maintain or repair transfer cases quickly and easily.

Preventative Care

Any professional will tell you that regular transmission flushes can help prevent costly repair bills. We can evaluate your transmission and come up with a schedule that best fits your vehicle and lifestyle, keeping your transmission happy before something goes wrong.

To avoid transmission catastrophe, give Kennedy Auto Solutions a call or stop into our Tomball, TX shop and schedule an appointment today!

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